Bi-colour 87-900
Coating Material Natural Rubber latex neoprene
Coating Material Cotton Flock line
Grip Design Lozenge
Cuff Style Straight
Colour Green & Yellow
AQL 0.65
EN Size 6 to 11
Length 323mm
Thickness 0.68mm

Bi-colour 87-900

Latex/Neoprene glove is design to deliver optimal results in wet & dry work enviorments where
Chemical resistance is crucial. Fully reusable, with an unequaled abrasion resistance,
it provides superb comfort for the wearer.
High-comfort, chemical resistant glove for a wide range of applications.
Mechanical & Chemical Protection - Ctegory III. ( Antistatic according to EN 1149)

Application:- a) Aircraft assembly. b) Batterr Manufacturing. c) Chemical Industries. d) Electronic Manufacturing.